WPDO was founded in 2011 from CIHF- Confederation of Indian Healthcare Foundation, as a private, not for profit organization, aiming at resolving conflicts & prevailing peace amongst and within nations. Its mother organization, CIHF is again a non-government, not for profit organization which has been working for education, healthcare and social wellbeing causes in society. WPDO has taken its roots from CIHF in supporting and going in line with United Nation’s Global compact program and Earth charter principles as well as following United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

WPDO had started its operations from India but today it has diplomatic presence in 11 countries where it is engaged in peace programs including social welfare, education and conflict resolution through diplomacy. It has many affiliations in various countries where it is engaged in various peace activities with them like peace signature campaigns, peace walks, peace through sports, peace through religious preachers, etc.

WPDO has basically adopted a methodology where it practices peace through different models, all working in synergy pointing to one thing: Peace and No Conflicts.  The different models are:

  • It works at the basic level where it tries to uplift the status of people slowly from lower level to higher levels by addressing & fulfilling their basic needs;
  • It runs educational programs of Masters & Doctoral levels, teaching peace professionals the art of peace & diplomacy;
  • It runs on its own as well as with its affiliates, short & long duration global peace programs, aiming at currently volatile issues in the world arena.