General Aims & Objectives of WPDO:

  • Advance the course of peace, by providing a platform for all interested parties and encourage free discussion on peace issues and related matters.
  • Promote the interaction of existing peace activists and organizations and developing interpersonal skills for  handling  relationships  and  conflict constructively.
  • Put peace onto the agendas of organizations and to institutionalize peace.
  • Provide a strong platform, based on research and sound infrastructure, for educational, community and international activities.
  • Harness commitment and expertise, including the experience of our elders and the vitality of our youth.
  • Liaise and partner with others working for peace.
  • Provide skill based training through means of partnerships and projects for peaceful living including skills and methods for conflict resolution and violence prevention.
  • Link people and organizations, interested in building a peaceful world through international communication, such as newsletters, journals, summits, international conclave, symposia and missions worldwide.
  • Promoting more peaceful, less violent society through education of children and adults.
  • Work for peace, disarmament and social justice in accordance with government concurrence across the globe.
  • Play a monitoring role regarding issues and policies relating to the objectives for peace studies.
  • Promote peace awareness actively through involvement of the media/event to promote peaceful and positive community values.
  • Model peace-making values within the framework and outside.
  • Enable and encourage technology transfer and best practice sharing between developed and developing states in order facilitate greater sustainable development among developing states and its citizens and civil society bodies.