Core Values & Commitments

WPDO was inspired from the severe unrest that the world is experiencing today. Truly speaking, no major war has taken place in last about 50 years but insurgencies, terrorism and cross border skirmishes have increased many folds, leading to a situation of total unrest and uncertainty. These small activities have proved to be more lethal […]

Prevailing Peace through Diplomacy

There are many ways to pacify an aggressive group; diplomacy being the most successful so far. As the saying goes, talks can clarify the air amongst agitators, diplomacy through talks, discussions and negotiations have solved more problems than any other method worldwide. The world has been trying to create a ground for peaceful talks through […]

Saving Small Nations’ Sovereignty

World is an arena for power games and muscle display. For centuries, powerful countries have been trying to outplay their not so powerful neighbors by flexing their muscles from time to time. They even try to interfere in their internal matters and influence their political agendas. In short, big countries try to dominate their smaller […]

Amendment of prevailing conflict management laws amongst nations

Current international laws to manage the conflicts amongst nations are not strong enough to deter them. There is a need to reframe stringent laws that would discourage aggressive nations to take drastic steps on small matters. There should also be international laws that would maintain the sovereignty of small and insignificant countries which are currently […]

Disarmament Appeal to Countries

We, at WPDO, believe that the way small skirmishes lead to big fights amongst people, small matters lead to first insurgencies and then to wars within & amongst countries. The insecurity of a nation from its much powerful neighbor encourages it to pile up arms & ammunition to balance peace in its region. This prompts […]

Efforts for no first use of arms treaty

However serious the conflicts are, even in presence of small insurgencies, a full flagged war is avoided by countries in most cases. If there is a legal agreement amongst nations to not raise arms first, however serious the conflicts are, then chances of a full flagged war even diminishes further. The world wants it, and […]