VG & WPDO Miss & Mrs. India 2022

VISIONARA GLOBAL & World Peace & Diplomacy Organization (WPDO) have brought Miss & Mrs. India beauty pageant 2022



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About World Peace & Diplomacy Organization – WPDO

World Peace & Diplomacy Organization – WPDO, Foundation is registered in the state of Delaware, USA as a private, non-stock corporation, aiming at resolving conflicts & prevailing peace amongst and within the nations. Although, an initiative for peace was not a new notion, formation of WPDO became utmost important in the growing affairs of a new unrest & agitation which has been recently settling down the world over. However, WPDO believes in bringing peace through attaining inner peace as a peaceful mind is more likely to indulge in peaceful activities than a mind in unrest.

The aim of WPDO is to propagate this need for peace through as many like minded peace advocates as possible who would work towards peace building by eliminating the main factors that initiate conflicts & unrest in people. No or proper education, unemployment, insecurity, racial or gender bias, religious faiths, etc. are the factors that shake the inner peace by stimulating unrest in people. Eliminating these factors would lead to a peaceful mind which will eventually help prevail global peace.

Since its inception, WPDO has achieved many mile stones covering great lengths in social and educational arena. It strongly supports United Nation’s Global Compact program and Earth Charter principles as well as strongly follows United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Peace Activities

International Day of Peace, 21st September

Every year, 21st September is observed as The International Day of Peace around the world. The UN General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and people. The Day’s theme for 2020 is “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.

WPDO celebrates the Day by sending 10,000 emailers to appeal to people to find new ways aiming to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.

Peace through Education & Literacy

One of the main agendas and ongoing activities of WPDO is to ensure education for all. Along with other causes, the root of most of the conflicts around the world lies in lack of knowledge & understanding of local issues, customs, systems, culture, beliefs, etc. Without proper education, it increases ten times, escalating small issues into fireball situations, disturbing the peace in the neighboring regions.

WPDO is associated with many NGOs and social entrepreneurs who are working for education of poor & underprivileged children of the society and supporting them in their cause by providing stationary, infrastructure, teachers, etc.; providing scholarships to such students to support their higher education; affiliating with schools, colleges, universities and professional coaching institutes for enhancing their reach & resources and many other activities which ensure education for all.

Peace through Respect for all Religions

Religious diversity is another cause of conflict amongst people on the earth. For centuries, people have been fighting to save & spread their religious belief on to people of other faiths, causing great wars that changed the course of history. Today’s matured world allows people of all faiths to mingle together and live in harmony but its also true that despite all efforts by world leaders most of the skirmishes across the globe are caused by conflicts due to diversity in religious faith.

WPDO is not so big today that it can manipulate people of the world, but it does try to release the pressure at its level by supporting all religious faiths, supporting publications of books, articles, journals, papers, etc. promising prosperity of all people & their faiths, showing equal respect to all religions by showering equal importance to all, etc.

Peace through Basic Needs Fulfillment

Hunger, unemployment and insecurity are the basic needs of people which if left unattended, may lead to fights & wars. History is the witness that more wars have been fought by instigating poor and half fed people than inspiring the fully satisfied ones. Even today, more unrest is amongst the nations that are economically not so well to do than the ones which are prosperous and growing. WPDO engages itself in addressing the issue through its affiliated NGOs who are constantly working towards making people self-reliant by empowering them with education and employment. Encouraging small businesses by facilitating resources is one of the many activities of WPDO in this direction. When this is replicated in other nations, it will catch the theme of international unison in addressing the mega issue. It would not be farfetched then to think of a people who is self-content in his dwellings and abolish all forms of war.


Anju Tickoo

Archana Verma

Deepa Tolani

Jayashree Gusain

Madhu Singh

Mira Sharma

Mithula Nair

Pragya Yadav

Priya Sharma

Reena Mary

Rekha Rani

Ritu Jadhav

Sheetal Yagnik

Shikha Goyal

Shweta Singh

Vandana Dutta

Vijay Laxmi

World Peace Diplomacy Organization

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